Every product is a story

QualityChain helps SMEs in the agri-food sector to transform their products from simple objects on a shelf to powerful digital experiences that showcase their uniqueness. QualityChain is a transparent space in which to share with consumers the history and values of small Italian and European producers, a window that lets you see the skilled hands working the land, making wine, bread, and every other treasure our companies produce.

QualityChain was born in 2019 from the idea of three Italian young entrepreneurs, passionate about food and technology, who emigrated to Switzerland to work with blockchain technology. It is here that they decided to put together a project that could restore the strength of the Italian and European agri-food SMEs, deploying the latest technologies at the service of their values and know-how.

Small producers struggle every day to survive in a competitive and globalized scenario, but they have a very powerful weapon at their disposal: the quality of their products. They make expensive and radical changes to their supply chain in order to obtain the most important certifications, participate in fairs, create blogs, videos and all types of content with a single purpose: to showcase their work and communicate the uniqueness of their company and their products.

Each product is much more than a label, and QualityChain allows you to realize its hidden potential: thanks to a QR code, the consumer can discover, directly from his smartphone, the values of the manufacturer, his philosophy, his story, but above all that of its production methods and his supply chain, told in every single step and completely notarized with blockchain technology.

For the producer, using blockchain technology means taking full responsibility of his product in front of the consumer. It means being able to say:

“Here, this is my product and this is how I made it, I want it set in stone!".

QualityChain draws its strength from this vision: a world in which producers can devote their attention not only to selling, but also and above all to inform and educate on the quality of their products.

Meet the team

Ciro Borrelli photo

Ciro Borrelli

Business Development
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Saverio Salaris

Product & Marketing
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Carlo Vespa

Software & Blockchain Development
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